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Queens Courier Review RICHARD III By: Cliff Kasden

The insatiable lust for power is as old as humanity itself. There is no better chronicler of this tragic flaw than William Shakespeare. His classic masterpiece, “Richard III,” is among the most disturbing and intense dramas ever written. The latest version is currently on stage in the lower studio theatre at Queens Theatre. It is presented by the resident troupe, Titan Theatre Company.


Adapted and directed by Edward Morgan, the play has a modern setting and modern costumes (design by Leah Smith), but the dialogue is from the 16th century. The bloodthirsty deformed villain is played with ferocious skill by Lloyd Mulvey. He masterfully injects irony and humor as he marches inexorably toward his rivals’ deaths and his own undoing.

There is minimal scenery, which creates an overwhelmingly bleak and dark atmosphere (lighting/scenic design by AntiShadows LLC, scenic painting by Grae Greer, Caroline D’Angelo Production Stage Manager).The most powerful and terrifying gesture involves Mulvey’s character and the red hash marks he paints across the wall. He smirks with self-satisfied confidence as one rival after another meet their fate.


As usual, artistic director Lenny Banovez and managing director Kevin Beebee have assembled an eminently talented  and professional cast. Every seat is just feet away from the action, and every actor offers potent and powerful theatrical interpretations. Laura Frye as Queen Elizabeth, Michelle Duffy as the Duchess, Angela Iannone as the former Queen Margaret, and Maggie Wetzel as the widowed Anne are absolutely riveting as victims who fight for the kingdom with uneven success.

Meanwhile, ruthless Richard’s list of victims continues to grow. The ultimate confrontation is as much a morality lesson as it is a political statement. Kudos to Kevin Stanfa, Adham Haddara and Tristan Colton, who follow the king with brutal efficiency. Well earned bows for Marcus Denard Johnson, Brad Makarowski, Michael Selkirk, Braden Spear, Michael Thatcher, Moore Theobald, Quinn Theobald, Andrew Garret, and R. Scott Williams. Who are the real patriots and who are the traitors?


For info on this and future productions, visit, call the box office at 718-760-0064 or “like” them on Facebook. As always, save me a seat on the aisle.

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"Absolutely Riveting"


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