SPECIAL EVENT! An expert's eye into the world of Othello THIS THURSDAY!

In case you were undecided about which of the last four Othello performances to attend....

A very special presentation and discussion with Queens College Professor of English, Dr. Miles Parks Grier, will be following Thursday's performance.

And he very well may be the perfect scholar to discuss Titan's take on Othello!

Miles Parker Grier
Miles Parker Grier

Uniquely qualified to lead a fascinating discussion on race and gender in Shakespeare --

Dr. Miles Parker Grier teaches classes at Queens College within and across: Shakespeare Studies, Early American Studies, African-American Studies.

His is also currently working on a book manuscript entitled “Reading Black Characters: Atlantic Encounters with Othello 1604-1855.

Of his manuscript, Reading Black Characters, Parker Grier states: " I follow Shakespeare’s blackamoor across two and a half centuries of print and stage iterations, showing the play’s implication in a British-American project of producing legible gendered and racialized characters out of the strangers in a far-flung Atlantic economy."


Delving further into Reading Black Characters: Atlantic Encounters with Othello 1604-1855, Parker Grier explores the influence of professional writers such as Aphra Behn and Herman Melville who rewrite Shakespeare’s plot–and the relationship between white writers and enslaved bodies–in attempts to overcome disadvantages of gender and postcolonial positioning.

Also according to the Queens Faculty page, he has begun work on:

"a second project that uses Joni Mitchell’s insistence that she is a black man trapped in a white woman’s body to consider the (changed and unchanged) relationship to authority and prestige white artists achieved in the wake of the black protests of the 1960s."

All in all, pretty much the perfect person to end an evening of Titan's All-Female Othello with!


Additional Publications by Dr. Miles Parker Grier

“Inkface: Britons and the Slave Stigma in Antiquity and the Renaissance,” forthcoming.

“’The Base Indian’ Attends Othello: The Theatre of Racial Value in Late Colonial Virginia.” Forthcoming.

“Said the Hooker to the Thief: ‘Some Kind of Way Out’ of Rockism,” in The Journal of Popular Music Studies, March 2013

“The Only Black Man at the Party: Joni Mitchell Enters the Rock Canon,” in Genders, Fall 2012

“Having Their Cake… and Outlawing It, Too: How the War on Terror Expands Racial Profiling by Pretending to Erase It,” in Politics and Culture, February 2006