First Rehearsal

The first day of TITAN Theatre Company's Othello is here!  

Everyone is eager to get into rehearsals and sink our collective teeth into this delicious, heartbreaking, mind-bending tragedy.  But, don't be fooled, the work has long since begun.  The cast and creative team have been preparing for this day for quite awhile.  And everyone readies themselves a little differently.  So we thought we'd get this blog rolling by asking some members of this fiercely female cast: How in the ot-hell-o do you get ready to tackle a play like Othello?

or - in other words

"How do you memorize all those lines!?!" - asked someone at every talkback ever.

Check out what the Bard's broads have to say in response.


"If I have to memorize quickly, I record the lines and listen while strolling or jogging.  In this instance...

...I wound up across from Shakespeare's Globe."

Deanna Gibson - Emilia

"I like to memorize lines by recording my cues into my phone with little pauses where my lines are and then play the tape back and say my lines to it. I also like to do an activity, like cleaning the dishes or folding the laundry, because if you move while you memorize something you work both the left and right sides of your brain and the material sticks better."  

Erica Knight - Lodovico

"I memorize the lines in many different ways, but my one top method is to write the lines over and over again. I have notebooks filled with lines from every show I have been in."

Laura Frye - Iago  


"In the warmth of sunny Austin, Texas, I've been reading the text, re-reading the text, looking up the roots of words, reading the text again, and scanning. Lots of focus on departures from the iambic pentameter and going into imagination-land for the potential reasoning for it. I've also been eating a lot of tacos while doing this, as seen in the picture. Ah my two loves: Shakespeare and breakfast tacos. :)"   Sierra Thothero - Desdemona u/s


"When I memorize a script, I start at the beginning. I memorize and say out loud little chunks of text at a time, adding another line, paragraph, scene until I know it all. I like to spend this time in quieter places (talking to oneself in public can be a bit distracting to others I've found) like my home or a patch of grass at a park."

Leah Dutchin - Othello

"In terms of preparation for three characters, 'No Fear Shakespeare' and multicolor post-its are definitely my friends."  Molly Densmore - Montano

Osmosis. - Alyssa VanGorder- Gratiano 


"Snow day! I've got Thai food on the way, I've got my complete works and my Othello script in hand, I've got coffee and the OED!"  - Kate Gunther – Bianca


"A good Folio.  A good Rye.  And a good study partner."

- Emily Trask - Desdemona

"I'm a huge nerd. I gather every book, read every article, look up every word. With our current cutting, I'm looking for information about what version of Cassio will most help propel my fellow actors, and therefore  the play, forward. They have harder journeys than mine; I'm seeking ways to make their jobs (as characters) harder, and their jobs (as actors) easier."


Abbey Siegworth – Cassio