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Queens Courier Review MEDEA By: Cliff Kasden

A woman scorned! To what depths of vengeance will she fall? In ancient Greece, the brutal answer is uncovered in Euripides' “Medea”. The treachery displayed on all sides has disconcerting modern overtones.


On opening night, every seat finds a willing theatregoer. For those familiar with this violent tragedy, the anticipation is profound. Directed and adapted by Titan Theatre Company’s Lenny Banovez, (translated by Nefeli Vasiliadou) this extremely intense drama is a starring vehicle for outstanding actor Leah Gabriel. She plays the wronged wife of a ruthless general. The systematically murderous revenge she perpetrates before our eyes leaves the audience gasping. Her single minded anguish and anger are palpable. Clearly, Ms. Gabriel’s penetrating performance is impossible to resist. Is her character criminally insane or is there something even darker that touches today’s headlines?

Minimal scenery with some remarkable lighting (Alan Piotrowicz) projections (Chris Kateff) and sound (Jessica Mcllquam) are haunting, distressing and powerful. (Kris Murphy production stage manager). The well-crafted costumes (Leah Smith, Analiese Puzon) from that mythical era enhance the words and actions of the players. Once heroic adventurer Jason of the famed Argonauts (Tristan Colton) is now an unsympathetic ruler whose arrogance will become his undoing. Well played!

The clear lines between good intentions and evil manipulations become extraordinarily blurred. Princess Glauce (Lindsay Nance) and Queen Creon (Molly Thomas) are targeted for ultimate retribution. Do they deserve their heartlessly inflicted fate? Queen Aegeus (well played by Alyssa Van Gorder) is also duped by Medea’s false sincerity.  



The parade of innocent bystanders include the nanny (Rachel Schmeling) and the nurse (Ellen Fiske). Are they, perhaps, our collective conscience? They understand what is happening but can do little to stop it. Meanwhile, Ella Taylor and Silas Wade as smiling and loving children are the absolute and most innocent victims. Their doom sent chills through the audience.


Titan Theatre Company is the resident troupe at Queens Theatre in Flushing Meadows/Corona Park. They perform in the venue’s  intimate lower theatre. In this production, with every seat just feet from the actors, Euripides’ ancient tragedy’s message is unmistakably intensified and fiercely thought provoking.

"Haunting, Distressing, & Powerful."


                   TITAN THEATRE COMPANY 51-04 Skillman Ave. Suite C10 Woodside, NY 11377 |



QUEENS THEATRE 14 United Nations Avenue South Flushing Meadows Park Queens, New York 11368 | Box Office (718) 760.0064

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